Thin Frames by Patricia L. Givens

It’s tough to fall in love during a murder investigation, especially when the victim is a lesbian who is into extreme S&M and is also the only child of a judge and the Goddaughter of the captain of the SVU. But that’s what happens to Alex and Oliva in this well written, tight mystery.

This fairly long fic has just over a handful of typos or misused words – less than the mainstream novel I recently finished. The characters were believable and easy to connect to and care about. I think I may have even squeezed a tear or two at some point. Even though I figured out who did it and why about halfway through, I never thought about not finishing the story.

I’ve read other work from the author, Xena stuff, and have enjoyed each one. I’ll have to go back and re-read them now to compare. I absolutely recommend this one.

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