Two On The Aisle by Robbi McCoy

Robbi McCoy gives us a great story about Wren and Sophie but so much more. Wren is in town to share in her twin brother’s big break in a local Shakespearean theater. She’s a big shot food critic who lives in San Francisco who has ticked off a big shot chef who, now, has it in for her.

Sophie is an ex-investment banker who ran off to L. A. to escape the small farm she lived on with her older sister, Dena, and her mom, Olivia. Now she and her mom run a small business making handcrafted goat cheese.

I won’t give too much away but this was a fantastic, light-hearted romp. I read one of Ms. McCoy’s earlier books and it was very different from this one. This book had me laughing out loud several times. It’s a huge comedy of errors, with loads of Shakespearean tragedy references that are not off-putting to someone like me who has never read one of his plays nor seen one in movie format.

The entire cast of characters is wonderful and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on getting to meet a single one. Each scene offers something to enhance the story and the final climactic scene was highly satisfying. But isn’t that the way a climax is supposed to be?

If you’re looking for a quick, tremendously enjoyable read, pick this one up. I loved it.

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