Cheri Reviews After the Summer Rain by Gerri Hill

Megan doesn’t really like it when I post a review to a book she’s already posted about so don’t tell her, okay? Here’s her review: Click here!

After the Summer RainAfter the Summer Rain by Gerri Hill
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I know that my last few reviews of Gerri Hill novels included words to the effect of “…really, I think I’m done with this author.” So why did I decide to give this one a try? Well, Megan said I’d like it and she knows me pretty well. And she was right, I did like it.

After the Summer Rain feels very much like the older stand-alone romances by Hill. There were no creepy friends or stalkers or peepers, just a couple of emotionally damaged women who find love and peace with each other. This book reminded me a lot of No Strings and Snow Falls with nature and two women who aren’t really enemies to lovers but more or less stuck together and forced to learn about each other and grow close. This is one of my favorite tropes in romance novels.

I know I’m not alone in going back and forth about Gerri Hill’s books but I feel confident in recommending this one to all of you fence dwellers like me.

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