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BraveBrave by Rose McGowan
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I’m not going to criticize McGowan for her feelings and actions because they belong to her and it certainly isn’t my place to judge her. She makes a lot of good points and I agree with her on so much. I imagine if I were involved in the industry she is, I could have connected and cared more about the things related directly to it. As a molestation and sexual abuse survivor, I absolutely could relate to various instances and emotions she discussed and described.

I didn’t really feel much connection to the author, even though she narrates the book, and was tempted to just stop listening several times. Again, I think this has more to do with not being able to relate to her problems dealing with Hollywood than her views. Well, I was put off by her regularly saying that no one would protect her. No one protects most of us, I think. No one ever protected me. Eventually, we have to protect ourselves.

Again, I’m not criticizing her journey because it’s hers. I wouldn’t want anyone to criticize or judge my experiences. I commend her for sharing and speaking out so loudly. McGowan will hopefully help more people understand privilege, misogyny, and sexual violence in its many forms.

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