Echoes from the Mist by Advocate (Blayne Cooper)

Echoes from the Mist, another book length fic, is the follow up to Cobb Island. It continues the story of Kayla and Liv a few months after we leave them in first story. Lucky for us, we get to learn what happened to Bridget and Faylinn. Again, that was my favorite part. Marcy and Dougie are absent from this story, except for a cursory mention of them at the beginning when Cooper is reestablishing the relationships and histories of the characters for the readers who may be reading the sequel some time after Cobb Island.

I won’t give much away but I enjoyed the sequel as much as the first in the series, even more. The storyline involving Bridget and Faylinn was still tight but I was less satisfied with the rest of the story. Don’t get me wrong, the entire thing was good and kept my interest throughout, although I do admit to rushing through the Kayla/Liv portions to get to the Bridget/Faylinn ones. There were some mis-used words, like bath instead of bathe and breath instead of breathe, as well as some uses of Bridget or Faylinn when the author clearly meant to use Kayla or Liv. These things will happen in fan fiction but it seemed that perhaps Cooper didn’t have a beta read through the last few chapters because that’s when it happened several times. But, again, a reader will see those things when reading unpublished, on-line work. Hell, we see it in published books every now and again.

Echoes from the Mist is a bit more racy but still nothing more than what I would consider PG-13. Ok, now that I’m a mother, maybe PG – 15. And just like Cobb Island, I found myself laughing out loud several times.

If you read Cobb Island and enjoyed it, you’ll probably like the sequel even more. I did.

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