The Brass Ring by Mavis Applewater

The story begins with pre-med student Jamie Jameson getting a speeding ticket from rookie cop Caitlin Callaway. They quickly fall in love but, just as quickly, heartbreak soon finds its way to the couple. This is a reunion story, which the seems to be a common theme in Applewater’s work so far. But I like those, so that part is good.

Having read two of Applewater’s other stories in the past couple of weeks, and enjoying them, I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed in this one. I had high hopes for it in the first couple hundred pages, but as the murder case that one of the main characters was involved in went on, the more disappointed I became.

The investigation seemed completely unrealistic to me and drug on and on, often repeating the same thoughts and comments several times. By the end of the story even the sex scenes had lost their appeal to me and I found myself skimming through them.

I’m not giving up on her work though. I’ve got a few more before I’ve exhausted the collection on (which has since been pulled down. You can still find her work elsewhere) and I plan to finish them all. In general, I do enjoy her writing and her characters. Not sure what happened with this one…

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