Uprising – 2019 Book 28

Ok, this really isn’t book 28 since I read it back in February but it’s about to be published and is now listed on Goodreads so I can finally count it toward my annual challenge. Not that I’m competitive or anything…

I’m a big fan of this series by Fletcher DeLancey and have worked in some capacity on each of the books. I don’t usually post reviews on books I worked on but since I’m posting something on everything I read this year, I can’t skip it.

Uprising is a big book and there’s a lot going on. The series is wrapping up so we’re getting info and closure on several story lines. As any one who reads DeLancey has come to expect, she does a masterful job of getting the reader right back into the world she’s created over the previous seven books. Honestly, I think the Alsea Chronicles is one of the best developed worlds I’ve read. For me, this is Fletcher’s greatest gift – world building and making the reader believe that these places and people really exist.

Uprising is one of my favorite books in the series and I have a feeling many others will agree with me.

You can download a sample or buy the book by clicking here. Well, on or after April 19th, that is. Before that, you can pre-order!

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  1. I checked Amazon early Monday morning, saw it was available for pre-order and pressed 1-click. . Now I have to wait for Friday. I may be up at midnight Thursday checking on it.

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