Banshee’s Honor by Shaylynn Rose aka sHaYcH

This is one of the best original works I’ve read. It’s a bit of fantasy with elves, dwarves, demons, mystics, and such. The story is compelling, the characters are believable and likable and the reader gets drawn in quickly. There is blood and gore and love and mystery. What more could you want. What? A well written epic? Well, my friends, this is it.

Our story begins with Azhani Rhu’len, a disgraced warleader making her way to her father’s homestead. She rescues a kidnapped stardancer (a healer with mystical powers) and, together, they survive the winter becoming friends and working to heal each other’s wounds.

Seriously, this was a great story. It’s also published so if you enjoy the free version, you may want to pay for a copy to see if there are any differences. And, of course, to support the author.

On my Sony PRS 505, the story was over 1300 pages and I was caught off guard less than a handful of times by a wrong name or typo or misused word. Occasionally I felt that the author may have used her thesaurus a bit too much, but I highly recommend this work. Highly. I liked it a lot.

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