Cheri Reviews Lil’ Donnie Volume 1: Executive Privilege by Mike Norton

To get right to the point, this book is an absolute delight. When I saw this on offer at Edelweiss, I immediately downloaded it. The cover drew me right in and the art inside was everything I hoped it would be. Not to mention the strips are well written and thought out and, many times, laugh out loud funny.

So many of the strips, which are collected from Mr. Norton’s web comic, Lil’ Donnie, took me back to happier times when the administration was mostly known for being bumbling morons and pathological liars instead of kidnappers and treasonous foreign agents inciting violence and making fools of our nation on the world stage. We do get some of those later in the book but seeing Steve Bannon’s nose fall off, Paul Ryan with his sleeveless suit, and curse apple-core doll Mitch McConnell made it easier to handle. It’s very likely that I’ll continue to see Ryan and McConnell that way from now on. Ghost witch Kellyanne Conway giving an interview with Jake Tapper through the toaster was pretty awesome, too.

Even though I’ve read the PDF version, I will absolutely purchase a hard copy for the bookshelf. And probably purchase a few extra copies for gifts. Here’s a link to Lil’ Donnie online in case you just can’t wait:

Thanks to the publisher and Edelweiss for the opportunity to read and review Lil’ Donnie Volume 1.

You can grab your own copy by clicking here:

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