Cheri Reviews Xena: Warrior Princess Volume 4 Issues 1-5

I’ve been falling behind on my reading lately so that means my 2018 reading goal is suffering. I know it could be considered cheating to load up my total with comics but I don’t care. Especially since I get to get to visit with one of my favorite couples: Xena and Gabrielle.

I’ve finished up the first five books in the new volume, which wraps up the introductory story. We start off with a newish take on the former warlord and new bard meeting and launch off into a ass-kicking tale involving Callisto.

These are short issues, only about 27 pages each, but I thought they were worth the price. I bought the digital versions but saw that there’ll be a paperback version of the entire volume coming out in September – which could be a great addition to my bookshelf. Or yours.

My biggest complaint about this series has got to be that Xena is wearing high-heeled boots. HIGH-HEELED BOOTS! No. Just no. But, beyond that, there’s humor and a little angst, and a whole lot of fighting.

Now, I’m off to read issue 6 and impatiently wait for number 7.

**Edited 8/9/18 to add: While looking around at the comics available for review on Edelweiss, I saw Xena: Penance. It’s a single volume containing issues 1 – 5. I didn’t realize it was only 1 – 5 and snatched it up thinking I’d get an advanced read of issues I hadn’t read yet. So this review is applicable to the compiled volume, too.

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