Kitty Reviews Call of the Wilde by Georgia Beers

You are musing about a lesfic novel written in the present tense and recall a short story written by one of your favorite lesfic authors that uses an unusual point of view. You cannot find it on her Amazon author’s page so you go online to ask some friends, “…does anyone remember reading a short story by Georgia Beers written in such a way… ‘You are feeling this and you decide to do that…’ about a woman who ends up getting sexy with two neighbors after a breakup? I think it was Georgia.”

Your friend says it’s in the short story collection Call of the Wilde and it uses 2nd person POV. You do a search on your e-reader and there it is, how did you miss the title earlier? Maybe you thought Call of the Wilde was a werewolf novel. Doesn’t every lesfic author have one werewolf novel? You wish more of them wrote about werefelines like Jae writes. You realize only a few lesfic novels are about werewolves, in fact.

You tap open the collection and jump ahead to the last of three short stories, “The New Two-Piece.” Yes, it’s sexy both for its ménage a trois (purr purr purr) and for its use of 2nd person point of view. Your nerdy little reading heart analyzes how the directness of the POV throws you into a scene, compared to a typical third person narration that would make you feel like a voyeur. All these French words go through your mind.

Then you tap to the first story, “Call of the Wilde,” and confirm the lack of werewolves. It reads like the opening chapter of a low-risk lesfic novella. You read the middle short story, “A Puppy Dog Tale,” which foreshadows the author’s later Puppy Love Romances series. You applaud the succinct story that has a beginning, middle, and end as well as a touch of emotions and drama. No werewolves but definite canines in this one.

You go back to reading “The New Two-Piece” and decide that more people should know about this bit of catnip in a short story collection you can only find by searching for “Call of the Wilde Georgia Beers” and you open up a new google doc and title it “Kitty Reviews Call of the Wilde by Georgia Beers…”

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