Cheri Reviews The Guild Library Edition Volume 1

June 2017, I was checking out some book sites and stumbled upon an ARC for The Guild Library Edition Volume 1. The freaking Guild comics! I loved the web series and had a little crush on Felicia Day because of it. The crush and my love for the series waned considerably by the final season of the series but I still loved the premise of the show and, while I was primarily a solo gamer, I also loved World of Warcraft, which is what The Game was based on.

Fast forward to April 2018. I’m on a mission this year to read more with my eyes. Audio books have been my primary source of reading material for the past couple of years but I do miss the act of physically reading words from the page – electronic page or paper. I also need to clean up my ARCs before I’m banned from NetGalley and Edelweiss for never actually finishing anything I’m given.

Immediately, I think of The Guild and dust off my comic reader. I ignored my family all night and had a big smile on my face as I hit the last page. It was lovely to revisit old friends. There are even some never-before-released stories included!

The book features several different artists and some of the actors join Day in writing their own character’s one-off stories. If you’re a fan of comic book art, you’ll have an additional reason to pick this up since each artist has a very distinctive style. There are also sketches giving a behind-the-scenes feel to the project.

I absolutely recommend this book and I truly hope there’s a volume two.

Thanks to Edelweiss for the review copy!

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