Wade Out by Pearcey

I stumbled upon Pearcey’s Bad Girls site after I had exhausted all the more well known avenues for BG fics. I copied and pasted every finished Bad Girls story on the site and enjoyed most of them. The ones not by Pearcey were not as enjoyable, in my opinion, but when you’re desperate for your fix, well, you know…

“Wade Out” is my favorite by this author. The story begins at the 10 year anniversary of Nikki being released from Larkhall. She’s single and miserable and she’s never gotten over Helen. The story seems to follow canon through the end of series one and has Helen leaving Larkhall after the tabloids get ahold of a story linking her romantically to an inmate. They don’t see each other after that. Until fate steps in, that is.

Helen still works for the Home Office and Nikki owns a successful garden center. Many of our favs from the show are there along with some new, original characters. My favorite of these is Del Sheddy, Helen’s cousin and Nikki’s former cellmate. Del is introduced with more depth in Pearcey’s story “Helen’s Return” although these two stories are not related.

All in all, I love this story. It has a “feel good” plot and plenty of humor, which is just as important to me as angst. Not necessarily in the same story, though.


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