All That Matters by Susan X. Meagher

I’ve read quite a few of Ms. Meagher’s stories and, for the most part, I’ve really enjoyed them. All That Matters, however, is my favorite. I know everyone loves Jamie and Ryan, but Blair and Kylie just touch me. And I like it when they touch each other, too!

I was going to cut and paste the blurb from the author’s website but it was a bit long so you’ll have to deal with my mini-blurb. Blair Spencer and her husband, David, tried to have a baby and couldn’t. Kylie is a surgeon that works with a fertility clinic that the Spencers visit for a consultation. The women later run into each other at a cultural event and quickly become friends. Then they become very good friends. Then Blair’s marriage has some troubles. Then more stuff happens.

One of the things I like the most about Meagher’s writing is also one of the things that can sometimes get in the way of the story – the amount of detail and length. In my opinion, she really gets it right with All That Matters. Her characters are complex and well written and I felt a connection to each of the main characters. The families that are involved – Kylie’s, Blair’s, and David’s – have a part in the story and help us to understand our main characters even more. It’s been nearly a week since I finished the book so my emotional connection and recollection of specific incidents has diminished a bit, but I’ll say this: All that Matters is my favorite story by the author. I think I’d have to say my second is a non-published story called The Right Thing.

I do want to say that this is the first time I’ve read the published version (and at $8 it’s a steal!) but have read the version available on twice. Imagine my shock and happiness when the story presented in the online version continues for quite a bit – along with a shocking surprise! – in the published version. I had to go back to the end of the online version just to make sure I hadn’t somehow forgotten such a major incident. If you haven’t dropped the cash to get the book version but enjoyed the online version, head over to her site now and do it.


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