Cheri & Nikki Review a Load of Books

We’ve been reading a lot of books over the past few weeks and want to talk about them so we decided a video chat would be a great way to handle it. Hope you enjoy it and find a book or two to read out of the deal.


  1. Thanks for the reviews. I will look for Hypno Chicks on audible and give Clifford Henderson a read as well as The Consequences of Murder. Would my World War Z loving nerdy 26 yr old son enjoy Swan Song? It sounds like a potential gift under the tree. Thanks for making my night shift break regarding your Everything review. I struggle with YA and it’s first person POV on a good day. Since I prefer to assume my sibs and I were immaculately conceived I’m not sure I could handle all the mommy love. Lol still, it does sound interesting.

  2. Well, there aren’t any zombies in Swan Song but it does paint a pretty grim picture of the world after the US and Russia blow the hell out of everything. I found it very engaging and I bet he will too. Let me know!

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