The Bookgeek Reviews How Still My Love by Diane Marina

The bookcover of Diane Marina’s novel boldly announces a “A contemporary romance” and when Beth Anders is set up by her best friend Laurel for a blind date, we think we know what will happen and it happens: a beautiful love story between Beth and Toni. So I wondered after blissfully reading along how the author would fill in the other half of the book… Well, I don’t want to put in any spoilers, but let me tell you that Diane Marina makes good use of ink and paper and leads us onto an emotional roller-coaster which leaves us in the lurch (and tearfully so) and wondering for the longest time if love indeed conquers all.

“Beth Anders is just fine with her single life. Why mess with the heart when it isn’t broken?” says the Amazon blurb. Beth has her own relationship baggage due to a former hurtful relationship with her abusive ex-girlfriend and parents who disowned her for being gay. And then her best friend sets her up for a blind date with sexy, intelligent Toni Vincent. A wonderful romance starts. But then both have to make serious decisions about their future: Are there to be kids?

This is a heart-warming romance with great main and secondary characters. And it is a different approach to the romance theme because it includes what happens after the grand romance. The story has some lesbian drama, but the characters and the story are well-developed and believable. The author‘s writing is easy to read and brings all those emotions alive. There are some editing issues and one would hope that this promising indie author will iron this out in the future. All in all How Still My Love is a romantic and at times heart-wrenching read about modern lesbians which is well-written and hooks the reader.

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