The Bookgeek reviews Mac vs. PC by Fletcher DeLancey

Fletcher DeLancey is a fabulous author of excellent fan fiction and ever since I discovered her Past Imperfect series (which is beyond perfect) and read Without A Front, I have been a big fan of her writings. I was excited to see that her novella Mac vs. PC, a contemporary romance, is available as a kindle ebook and spent a relaxing afternoon reacquainting myself with Anna the IT-geek, Elizabeth the-soon-to-be-Mac-convert, geekdom at large, and the penmanship of Fletcher.

I love how Fletcher tells a beautiful story of a budding romance full of tender moments and obstacles in the form of self-doubts around an ongoing discussion about the superiority of Apple’s Mac vs. PCs. Without high dyke-drama, the author manages easily to take the reader on a gentle roller-coaster ride of emotions where at no point it is certain how the story will unfold – quite a feat for a novella. Add to that a good pinch of humor and two toaster ovens (I won’t tell more!) and you have a warm-hearted read for a lazy afternoon.

Originally written as a short story for her wife, DeLancey has polished the story and added two more chapters. I look forward to seeing more of her work being published – rumor has it that she is working on a prequel of Without A Front. Can’t wait for more from this talented author.

You can download a sample or purchase a copy of Mac vs. PC by clicking here.

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