Sequella Reviews Rebound by Lynette Mae

Another basketball book! Ever since my first lesfic book Court of Love many, many years ago, I grab any basketball book involving two female leads that I can get my hands on. Lynette Mae’s Rebound did not disappoint.

Connor, the best female basketball player in the professional league, has it all. She doesn’t make the millions that her male counterparts make, but she has a pretty girlfriend, a nice house, a fast car, sponsors, and a very successful basketball career. During one of the most important games of her career, she’s involved in a tragic accident and life as she knows it is over.

From that point on, I expected that this book would have long stretches of desperation and anger. This was not the case. While Connor does not easily cope with this new life (who would?), she never gives up. She pushes herself and fights to regain independence. Her determination to adapt to her new situation is admirable. This fight is the focus of Rebound as much as the love story.

While watching a practice for the California Wheelers, a wheelchair basketball team, she meets their coach, Shawn. She’s a war veteran who was injured during her time in Iraq and she captivates Connor from the beginning. The relationship between them is not easy from the start and they each have issues to overcome.

Lynette Mae is definitely a go-to author for me. It was great to read something different from her this time around. I loved how there are little scenes throughout the book that show us the challenges differently-abled people face each day: the steps in front of the gym, the items at the supermarkets that are placed out of reach for a person in a wheelchair, or the kitchen counter at home that simply is too high for any serious cooking.

Don’t expect this book to be one endless description of basketball games. Basketball is the characters’ passion and it occupies a lot of their time but, really, this book is much more about overcoming obstacles and finding new love.

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