More than Friends by Erin Dutton

From the blurb: Evelyn Fisher thinks she has the perfect role model for a long-term relationship, until her best friends, Kendall and Melanie, split up and all three women must reevaluate their lives and their relationships.

Evelyn is a hard-working cop that has never known her two friends as separate entities. She has never been satisfied with her short relationships, because they have all fallen short of Kendall and Melanie’s picture-perfect life. But behind the scenes, the couple has become nothing more than roommates that are too tired of each other to even bother fighting anymore. Melanie calls it off and, before too long, she and Evelyn begin having feelings for each other that they never expected.

I enjoyed Erin Dutton’s latest because it showed the most common failure of relationships – the slow death of love. Many books and movies focus on that one big thing that made something break. Adultery, alcoholism, abuse. But, most times, there is no “big thing.” More often than not, there is slow growth of the two parties, gradually pulling them farther and farther away from each other. This was portrayed realistically by Dutton, without either woman looking like the “bad guy.” I enjoyed reading about the new relationship as well, including the obvious guilt and drama associated with someone falling in love with their best friend’s very recent ex.

The writing is smooth, although it could’ve helped to be about 50-100 pages longer to give the protagonists more time to believably work out all the associated issues, including Evelyn’s friendship with Kendall. I’ve only read one other book by Dutton (Fully Involved), but I’ve enjoyed both, and I might like this one more. It might take another read before I know for sure, though. Overall, I definitely recommend it.

Reviewed by Nikki Little

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  1. I’m excited to read this one. I liked her last one – the golf one (Perfect Match?) but I’ve enjoyed most of her books quite a lot. Fully Involved and A Place to Rest are my favorites.

    Thanks for the review!

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