Little White Lie (Amigas y Amor #1) by Lea Santos

Little White Lie

I was chatting with a friend who shares similar reading tastes and said something like “I’m looking for a well written, light, classic romance that’s got some good humor. What can you recommend?” I’ve been having a tough few weeks and just needed something to lose myself in for a bit. I’m hard to please when it comes to grammar and stuff like that…

My friend thought for a few minutes and said, “Have you read Lea Santos? I really enjoyed her Amigas y Amor series,” (or words to that effect.)

I hadn’t read any of her stuff but knew of her good sense of humor from catching some of her conversations on Facebook. Because of her, well, her stealing it from someone else and me stealing it from her, the word “ricockulous” is now a regular utterance in our house.

So I picked up Little White Lie and absolutely loved it. I give it 4 stars. I couldn’t give it 5 because, of course, it was obvious what was going to happen and how but I did truly enjoy the book. I laughed out loud more than once and enjoyed the characters much more than I thought I would.

Thank you, Lea Santos, for such a nice group of friends you’ve introduced me to. I can hardly wait to get to know the rest of the gang better.

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