How to Wrangle a Woman by Susan X. Meagher

I had no plans to read this book. I hadn’t heard much about it but did have one person tell me not to bother. So I wasn’t going to. I figured I’d read it eventually but there was no rush. It had been sitting on my ereader since it was released but I kept passing it over in favor of something else.

A few days after I finished Almost Heaven, which I loved, my Cocktail Hour co-host and dear friend, Andy, shoots me a text saying that I need to read How to Wrangle a Woman. I replied that I heard it wasn’t that good. I got a two word response, “Read it.” So I did.

Contrary to what the title may imply, this isn’t a western or rancher book. It’s about a comedian, Brooklyn York, who is about to lose her job as a radio/television personality if she can’t get her shit together. The company hires Kerri Klein to try to get Brooklyn’s schedule under control. Brooklyn and Kerri couldn’t be more different but they grow to truly like and care for each other.

This book is much more of what I love about Meagher’s work than the few books that preceeded it. While the books between All That Matters and this one were nice, rainy day reads, they, in my opinion, lacked the depth and chemistry between the characters that I so loved in ATM. How to Wrangle a Woman gives us a chance to crawl inside both women’s heads and Meagher does a great job, I think, of letting us see what makes them tick.

There were a few bits of information – emotional motivations or relationship requirements, things like that – that I thought were repeated too much but, all in all, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone who liked Arbor Vitae, All that Matters, or Almost Heaven. Hey, all of those books start with an A…

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  1. I loved this book. I kept peeking at the % completed, hoping I had much more to read, so it would last longer.

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