Silver Moon by Catherine Lundoff

Silver Moon is the story of Becca Thornton and menopause, wolves, sexy female neighbors, ex-husbands, and divorces and how she deals, or does not deal, with all of them. I have to emphasize that this is the story of Becca and no one else.

Silver Moon is an easy read which has a lot of potential but feels like an introduction, the pilot episode of a series. The premise is completely original, the type of lead character, also, is original for this type of fiction: there is no young, beautiful, glamorous, and commanding female lead. No rich one either. This woman is down-to-earth, struggling with the changes in her life, her feelings for her female neighbor, her divorce and how her ex-husband sees her. And with how she sees herself. She will not always make the right choices and I found her often frustrating in how she faces issues, but she’s always very real and that is refreshing.

Silver Moon by Catherine Lundoff

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  1. I finished the book yesterday and agree with Incognito’s assessment. I think I enjoyed it a bit more, though. There’s a lot of subtle humor and Becca really does feel like she could be any middle-aged woman I know.

    While you know that there’s a sequel, or two, coming, the ending felt natural and not forced and I didn’t feel like there was some major cliffhanger that I’d have to wait a year to have resolved.

    I got a chance to talk to the author last night on Cocktail Hour so you can hear what she had to say here:

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