I Found My Heart In San Francisco: Beginnings by SX Meagher

This is the second part of the on-going tale of Ryan O’Flaherty and Jamie Evans. This story focuses on how each woman deals with the changed status of their relationship. They both have emotional issues that they need to address, while still preparing for finals and the AIDS Ride.

The plot is very good but, as in the first story, sometimes goes on a bit much and I did find myself skimming a bit. The descriptions of the scenery were fantastic but I think many of the conversations the main characters had could have easily been dropped without the reader losing any understanding of the inner workings of the participants.

The AIDS Ride portion of the story was very emotional at times and I admit to crying more than once. It actually made me want to drag my bicycle out of the garage and get back into riding.

There were plenty of mis-used words but the story is good enough to overlook them. I’m going to continue with the series and see where it goes. There was at least one cliff hanger and I’m still interested enough in the characters to keep going.


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