The Hapless Romantic by Creme Brulee

Officer Susan Little meets Sandy Kline in a laundry, and she falls for her immediately. Well, at least at the start of the rinse cycle. Her premonition that Sandy does not really fit in her present surroundings is promptly confirmed when Sandy enters a car, only to be bodily attacked. 

Susan, of course, intervenes.

Too bad that she practically busts an investigation of a fellow law-enforcing officer with that, and her intervention is not taken too kindly to by Sandy.

Susan, however, has set her goal.

The story is told by changing perspectives between Susan and Sandy; there is a visual indication where the changes occur, just be prepared for it.

Hilarious situations and two basically shy persons who present a very butch appearence make this story very well worth reading.

And in part three of this two-part story (“The end? Not quite”) we learn how vulnerable Officer Little is when it comes to chocolate cookies.

Both thumbs up, or, nine out of ten. Treat yourselves to this!

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