Future Dreams by T. J. Mindancer

I saw an announcement about the 3rd book of the Tales of Emoria series being available on ebook and thought I’d take a few minutes to see what the series was about. I never thought I’d be a fan of the fantasy genre but after reading the online version of Banshee’s Honor and the first book of the When Women Were Warriors books, I knew I was wrong. Oh, and the fantastic Sword of the Guardian! Can’t forget that one. I wrote a review on the fan fic review site for the former and want to re-read the other two before writing reviews on them. Anyway, Future Dreams was a great book and I’m so happy that Claudia Wilde decided to post the announcement on a few different boards.

Future Dreams tells of the meeting of the young arbiter in training, Jame, and the former Supreme Commander of the Elite Guard, Tigh (pronounced Jame – rhymes with “fame” – and Tig – rhymes with twig.) As they get to know each other through Tigh’s rehabilitation, they find that they have much more in common than anyone would have thought possible. This doesn’t sit well with Jame’s people. Oh, by the way, Jame is also the princess of Emoria. Her aunt, the queen, and the Council of Elders – not to mention the warrior who believes Jame is coming back to be joined with her – is none too happy with Jame’s career choice, and her growing friendship with Tigh the Terrible makes matters even worse.

The author wove a great story and, even though I know I should wait until tomorrow to buy the sequel, I’ll be purchasing and loading it onto my ebook reader in just a few minutes. There wasn’t a page, let alone a scene, that I would have missed of this book. I hated to see it end. There were a couple of places where either a typo or incorrect word was accidentally used and one character’s name the switched spellings a couple of times, but I really loved it. Also, this is a PG book. Romance, yes. Erotica, no. And it really works well. I didn’t feel that there was anything missing.

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