Right Place, Wrong Time by Drew Meyers

A tale that starts in the year 1886 might be termed historical, but this is not that kind of story.

Del breeds and trains horses on the farm she runs in Colorado after her daddy died. Her dearest friend is Annie, and much as she loves her, she is happy for her when she finds the man for her life and helps the two of them build a home in Montana.

She plans to take her business nearer to where her friend lives, but her plans are precipitated, if not overthrown, when she decides to accompany and protect Lucy, who is running from the law after killing the man who abused her. On their way to Montana, they are joined by Maddie, who has killed her abusive husband, as well.

So this could be about abuse and violence, but it’s not that kind of story, either.

The three of them escape their pursuers when, during a storm, a rock slide blocks the canyon behind them. As they proceed on their way to Montana and Annie’s home, they meet people with strange clothing, and strange behaviour. There are also strange roads that are fenced in, and carriages on them that are able to move without being drawn by horses.

At this point, it becomes clear just what kind of story this is, but let’s not spoil the surprise, shall we? Besides, it is also a story of friendship, love, heartache, and hope both lost and regained, with likeable characters and a cohesive plot.

Alas, there is a rather big “But…” — the editing is just short of abysmal, to the point of tempting me several times to quit reading. It may be just me, but I hate it when the flow of reading is interrupted by this. Language is, after all, the tool of a story-teller, and when it is wielded with such negligence, I tend to ignore the product.

So, a caveat to those who, like myself, cringe at indiscriminate use of homophones, incorrect punctuation or grammar. Aside from that, the story line was good enough to keep me reading anyway, else this review would never have been written.


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  1. Thank you to whoever reviewed this story. If it wasn't for them, I would never have heard of this story or author. I hope Drew Meyers continues to write and share her wonderful stories.
    I just loved it.

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