The House on Sandstone by KG MacGregor

I’ve just finished my fourth reading of this story. Why, you may ask, would I bother reviewing something that I’ve already read so many times? Why review a book that has been around for years? Because there’s something different about this reading, that’s why.

I finally broke down and bought the published version of this book. I’ve looked at it for a long time and always came up with a reason not to buy it at that moment. I knew I’d eventually pick it up but, since I knew the story so well, I figured my money would be better spent on something that had lines I hadn’t memorized.

The House on Sandstone is your typical romance in many ways. Carly Griffin and Justine Hall were in high school together, there was a spark, they went their separate ways and, 25 years later, they meet up again and discover that the spark is still there. For those of you who have read the online version and are on the fence about spending the money on the published version, I didn’t notice any differences until the final chapter. The ending is done in a completely different way.

What makes this book special to me is MacGregor’s writing style. She tells tales of regular people and The House on Sandstone is no different. The author has a true gift for bringing her characters to life; she makes them breathe and feel and they could be anyone we know. For me, that is why I’ll read everything she publishes. She has a few books that I liked less than some others but even the one I liked the least was worth the price.

If you haven’t read any KG MacGregor, let me recommend my favorites: the Shaken series (available in a handy ebook bundle), Just This Once, and The House on Sandstone.

The House on Sandstone


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