Death Wears Yellow Garters by Rae D. Magdon

Nicole Fox wants to introduce her girlfriend, Jay Buchanan,to her family, so she takes her to dinner at their mansion.The Fox family turns out to be numerous, wealthy, and, for the most part, not very nice. Jay feels very uncomfortable among them, but it gets worse: a family member dies, obviously poisoned…

With this, the reader is launched into a classic whodunit, including a helpless police detective and his inexperienced assistant, Jay’s aunt Mimi as a self-proclaimed ‘Miss Marple’,and the final showdown with all suspects present. Don’texpect too much suspense though; this short novel was written with a twinkle in the eye, and the revelation what ‘Jay’is short for is quite as important, to me at least, as the conviction of the murderer.

Considering that the story was written within the span of one month, the editing is very good — much better than some I have seen even after being beta-read (BTW, the author is looking for a beta reader, “Hint hint”). It is funny, light-hearted, and certainly worth the time spent reading.

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