Storm by Kim Pritekel

Sometimes we stumble upon the one person who makes our life complete. The connection is so strong that it would seem that nothing but death could separate us. That’s the sort of connection that Merryn and Cara shared in Kim Pritekel’s Storm.

Storm takes place during the time when the plague was ravaging Europe. Our main characters meet when Merryn saves Cara from a thief and the young women decide to travel together for awhile. They discover love and a sense of family and belonging with each other. This happiness doesn’t last long, though, and Merryn finds herself without alone and full of grief.

Most of the story follows Merryn as she rises to be a great warrior and leader. This novel length Xena uber is filled with plenty of angst. Yes, I cried a lot but I’m pretty easy in that regard. As with all of the work by Pritekel that I’ve read, the story is fantastic but the grammar is a little distracting. The typos and grammatical issues seemed much less in this one than in 1049 Club.

I honestly enjoyed this story. I would have liked to see more of a conclusion than what was written. It left me sort of unfulfilled and I felt that there were unresolved issues. This is also available in a published format so maybe those things were addressed in that version.

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