The Last Letter by Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

In an un-named country, in an un-named time, two young girls are brought together as betrothed, soon to rule as King and Queen. But their story is filled with loss, deception and most of all love.

One might conclude from the author’s own synopsis, that one is about to embark on an epic journey. And one would be correct. But this story doesn’t unfold through multiple chapters.

It’s simply told, in essence, in just one. And to say ‘simply’, doesn’t do this story justice. Its simplicity is what enthrals me every time I read it.

The story is revealed, as the two main characters each tell it from their own point of view, in letter form. Our two main characters remain nameless, but it’s of no importance as Ryûchan draws us in, to the emotions of both of them.

We learn about the restrictions and expectations of duty. How a life long friendship can lead to betrayal. How with no emotional guidance, love can be so overwhelming, that it would be selflessly sacrificed for the sake of another’s happiness. And how it can almost be lost with shy miscommunication.

The close of the first ‘Last Letter’ ends with a tragic decision by one of the main characters. It’s so unbelievably crushing, you dread reading the next letter, but you know you have to, if only to find out the other characters version of events. I shan’t say anymore on what you will discover, other than to say….I can highly recommend this short by Ryûchan!

You can read it on the Passion and Perfection site, or at Ryûchan’s own site, per the link.

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