Redemption by Susanne Beck (a.k.a. Sword’n’Quill)

I have been reading Fan Fiction for a while and after some time it becomes redundant. Good, but not very creative. I kept on reading of course, but more out of habit than anything else. Until I found this! I have JUST found this and I am so TOTALLY excited about it!

This is, to me, a true Xena Uber, and an absolutely riveting novel. It is the story of Angel, a young woman from small town america, who elopes, trying to escape the boredom of her life. Things do not go as well as she thought they would, and her young husband becomes an abusive alcoholic. She kills him in self-defense when he comes home drunk one night and tries to rape her. An honest and truly good person, circumstances and people conspire against her and send her to prison for a 7 years to life sentence. This is her story, told in first person.

The characters you will find in this novel (and to me it is, and a wonderful one at that), are complex, full-bodied, some you’ll love, others you’ll hate, but none will leave you indifferent. There is a lot of violence, and descriptions of heartbreaking situations, courage that inspires, love and a great sense of humor.

This is probably my highest recommendation ever! I promise you will NOT regret this read.

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