Blazing Dream by Larisa

Are you into construction workers and the likes? You know the strong butch woman with powerful forearms, muscular thighs and perhaps a stocky build, the women who are really soft at heart when you get past the tough exterior? Well if you are then you have amble chance to meet a woman of your heart in the world of f/f fan fiction.

You might already know some of my favourite characters in this genre – how about Sheridan in Vertigo’s “Caution: Under Construction”, she is not only good at putting up drywall but also an imaginative lover, or Branson in Larisa’s “Phantom”, who looses her heart to a farmer.

Actually you’ll find a huge number of these big softies in the stories by Larisa, like Taylor the cement truck driver in “Kicking and Screaming” who will win a toaster own and the heart of a rather confused straight woman, Rouge from “Rough Warrior” who comes to the rescue with her strange truck when Taylor needs a friend, or Ed in “Haunted Past” who mourns the loss of her wife who left her because … well you’ll have to look up the story if you want to know why and to learn if she will ever return.

You’ll probably find the farmer Elise in “The Harvest” by G.E. Birch a bit less butch than Larisa’s characters but she does have a trade that requires quite a bit of muscular power, and a heart looking for someone to love. If you find female farmers who wears their hearts on their sleeves alluring you could also go meet up with Eunice in “Fenced Fields” by Dee.

Should you prefer the female characters with a tough job on the sea you might want to look up Captain Cordie in “Beneath the Surface” by Barbara Davies, who will take you and Piper sword-fishing which proves to be no easy trade.

As I said the butch women are plentiful in f/f fan fiction and if you want them at the roughest go look up the ones in the Larisa Universe. They all have big hearts that needs a special woman to love, and more often than not it’s great fun to watch how the romance unfolds.

If you know all of the stories mentioned above you could try Larisa’s “Blazing Dream” sporting not one but two women with a strong connection to the world of construction, but maybe you should take a quick peek at life in the woods before you decide to venture out. The first thing that you’ll notice is the sound of axe and chainsaw that create a steady flow of noise from dawn till dusk as Rowan tries to fight of her demons by cutting and splitting logs.

If you choose to stay home to have some peace and quiet, I know someone who will venture out – that’s Brandy – she has just inherited a rather run-down property from her aunt, and now she is looking to spend some time fixing it up with her next-door neighbour Rowan looking on.

If it wasn’t for the noise of Rowan’s axe and chainsaw or the occasional gift she leaves at Brandy’s door, Brandy wouldn’t know that anyone was around watching her work, that’s until the day – months later – when she slides of her roof only to be caught in Rowans strong arms! From then on thoughts of soft black hair, blue eyes and a gorgeous body crowed Brandy’s dream, but it will take Latisha the Queen to bring Rowan out of her hiding and into Brandy’s life.

“Blazing Dream” has a standard Larisa storyline, a funny dialogue, weird characters and a couple of woman who really needs someone to love. So if you like the strong butch characters in a funny setting, and can accept a fast moving romance – you could venture out into the woods with Brandy, Rowan and Latisha the Queen.

Caution: Under Construction by Vertigo

I’ve been telling myself that I should under no circumstances do a review of Vertigo’s “Under Construction”. What will the readers think of me if I admit that I actually did enjoy the story, even if something like half of it consists of long and graphical description of sex of the f/f nature?

So what happened – well I did one of many rereads of the story and I decided that the romance is so well crafted that you should not miss out on it, just because the author goes a bit overboard in the sex drive of the ladies involved.

Sheridan is the ultimate butch woman with her strong muscular body, her daytime job as a construction worker, and a reputation as a slick player to protect. But inside the tough exterior you will find a woman with a soft heart, and maybe you will even find it – her heart I mean – before Sheridan realises that she has one. With all her fast and furious sexual encounters at the dance club, she doesn’t really see herself as someone with a girlfriend, or as someone who could fall in love, but at the age of 31, I guess it’s just a matter of time, even for Sheridan.

Keefer is a tall gorgeous brunette who is in need of rescuing, not only from her cheating girlfriend, Danni, but also from her shy self. Sheridan doesn’t have a white horse or shining armour but she does have a little black Corvette, and with her newfound “white knight” tendencies she takes it upon herself to punch Danni in the nose for cheating on Keefer – or something like that.

And that’s how the story of Keefer and Sheridan begins. It’s a long story so you will have ample time to get acquainted with the ladies and to follow their gradual move from friends to lovers, and to see how Sheridan coops with her own growing. If you are a lover of dogs you might even have a bit of fun with Fifi, Pharaoh and Zeus – they are a bit of a wild bunch.

For me it all sums up to a nice romance with agreeable characters, a good “supporting cast” that gets to play along in the “side wings” of the plot, and a lot of sex. Fortunately the author has an ability to pen a number of variations on the theme of sex. Otherwise it would have become a bit dull to read page upon page on this rather one-tracked topic. If you are not keen on the sex parts, you should just skip the story – it’s going to take you too much time to scroll through them.

Enjoy !