Not the Surprise She Was Expecting by Ralst

Just who is Dickey McSweeney? And is Blair really going to marry him? That’s what Detective Bonner, aka Jo, is trying to find out after she has Blair brought in and thrown into a cell.

This one is just a quick little fic, very little. And sort of cute. Worth the 10 minutes or so it will take to read. Besides, I truly enjoy Ralst’s writing. She’s got some great Bad Girls fics that were never finished. At least, I don’t think they were. I’d better head over to her site, Passion and Perfection (, and check.

Worth the Wait by Ralst

I have always been a fan of Ralst’s writing. My only complaint is that she’s so busy running Passion and Perfection that she doesn’t have enough time to finish the ones I liked most. Particularly her Bad Girls work. Last I checked, she had taken her incomplete stories down from the P&P site though. I’ll have to keep checking.

Anyway, Worth the Wait is a short inner monologue provided by Blair Warner. She’s reflecting upon her relationship with Jo Polniaczek – the new intimate relationship that took 20 years to happen. Just as with the other stories by Ralst that I’ve read, there’s plenty of humor and good writing. It’s a light, feel good piece.