The Better of Two Wades by Mandana_sa

One of my favorite stories from one of my favorite writers.

Nikki Wade is a gardener, occasionally bartender, with a dark past. She lives with her divorced brother Marcus and his twin daughters whom she loves as her own.
Helen Stewart is a successful executive in a marketing company where a backstabbing colleague is stealing her deal. Nikki tends to her plants, and Marcus is a client she absolutely needs to win. She is also bisexual, and deeply attracted to both Wades, not knowing they are family. Lots of secrets lie between all the characters of this complex story that will keep you interested from the beginning till the end.
I don’t want to give any more details so as not to give away the plot, suffice to say I have read this story multiple times and highly recommend it. It will keep you interested from the first chapter to the last one, many times over!

Breakdown By Mandana_Sa

Nikki Wade is a successful music producer in New York, with a beautiful girlfriend and wonderful friends. Life is great, until the day her girlfriend overdoses and dies, and Nikki returns to the only home she had ever known to face her daemons. And the woman she can’t forget.

Drug addiction, bisexuality, talent, living with adoptive parents.. This story will keep your attention from start to end. At no time will you be tempted to skip paragraphs at all. And Manni’s writing style si really good: good descriptions, great dialogs, and it doesn’t hurt that the story itself is really interesting.

So this is another of my favorite writers, and this story in particular is a good read.