And Playing the Role of Herself… by dabkey

It is simply economical for a network that has two successful TV series running, to mesh the two story lines.

‘9th Precinct’ follows the lives and work of police detectives, starring Caidence Harris as Rita Stone. Well, starring may be a bit too much, Caidence just having moved up from beer commercials.

‘In Their Defense’, on the other hand, looks at their opposition: defence attorneys, one of which is Judith Torrington, played by Robyn Ward.

Having to share her trailer with Robyn is not an easy thing for Caidence, who had “just a few years ago come to the cautious conclusion that (she) was attracted to women”, not when the focus of her attraction is Robyn, and especially not when said Robyn fills the tabloids with her relationship with Josh Riley, a top-level tennis player.

Nevertheless, a cautious, and sometimes awkward friendship begins to develop. Then one day, the directors of the two series decide to push the envelope of what can be done on TV: Rita (a.k.a. Caidence) will have to do a kissing scene with Judith (a.k.a. Robyn)…

A story that gives a good impression of what it may feel like to live the life of an actor; if you like the movie ‘Tootsie’, you will like this story as well. A romance novel along a *very* bumpy road, very good editing, characters that you want to slap on the back of their heads, telling them to ‘go for it, fer chrissake!’

— an easy nine out of ten. And from my favourite story site, too 🙂