Out of Context by Coolbyrne

I was hesitant to read this one because, at the time, I really wasn’t very familiar with the characters of Law & Order: SVU. And I hadn’t read any crossover fic. And I wasn’t familiar with this author. There was a lot stacked it and just imagine my surprise when I found this to be a very good story. I’ve read it twice.

The basic plot is that Olivia ends up in Larkhall on some undercover duty. There’s a drug ring using children to transport their merchandise from England to the US. Through the joint operation between nations, Olivia ends up spending time with our girls Nikki and Helen.

The story is well written and the characters ring true to their television counterparts. I absolutely recommend it.


Everlasting Love by Ally

This is one of my favorite Bad Girls stories. Nikki and Helen meet as teens in this piece. They become the best of friends and then more. Life separates them but neither forgets the other. Nikki is, as most stories depict her, strong, smart, and loyal. And this one has Evil Trisha. One of the great things about Bad Girls fiction is that Trisha is either good or bad, but rarely anywhere in between. I love me some Evil Trisha!

My only complaint about this one is that the 3 year old should really be at least a 5 year old. But if you overlook that, you should enjoy this one.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I tend to have a soundtrack to my fan fiction. Bad Girls has a soundtrack of Sarah McLachlin, Natalie Merchant, and Everything But The Girl. My favorite song for this particular story is Where I Go by Natalie Merchant. Just wanted to share that.


Cooking on High by Creme Brulee

French is world renowned French chef. And not just for her incredible skills in the kitchen. She’s smart, beautiful, sexy, and, according to some, Satan’s spawn. Nothing stands in the way when French wants something. Then along comes Violet Spark, aka Fry. Fry is a kind, generous, sweet young woman home from college for the summer. When these two team up to solve a murder that French has been accused of, comedy ensues. Add to this the odd cast of characters that French and Fry share the story with and this is truly a winner.

This isn’t really a romance but more of a light romantic comedy. The writing is fantastic, the plot is tight and incredibly entertaining. This is, without a doubt, my most recommended fiction. Creme’s writing style is everything I wish mine could be.


Love’s melody lost by Radclyffe

Radclyffe is one author that I guarantee will NOT bore you. Ever. So you can safely read just about anything and everything by her. Granted, she seems to have a formula that works but even so, her writing is crisp and intelligent, the story flows logically, and the characters are always likable.

Graham Yardley is a musician who has lost her sight along with her music in an accident, fifteen years earlier. She live secluded in her manor on Cape Cod, unwilling to participate in life anymore. because of her physical limitations she find herself in need of hiring someone to help out with household chores, and documents. In comes Annie, divorced three years previously from the husband she had shared ten years with. Completely different worlds collide, and complement each other in these two women.

This one fiction in particular I found somehow more romantic than the other. Maybe it was the almost formal speech, or the description or the characters themselves. But there’s definitely more romance in the air than most other fics. Definitely a good read.


Life’s little edge by Roselle Graskey

Very interesting Read. This is an Uber fiction set in a biker community. Callan O’Malley is now a biker no one messes with as well as gun runner. A war hero turned bad, she flies solo and does not want to belong to any clubs. She lives life on the edge and her longest realtionship lasts no more than a week. That is until she “wins” Terri Barclay from her boyfriend at a poker table.

This is a very well constructed fic. The plot is good and believable, and the transition between past and present is well executed. The characters are well built and very likeable. There are definitely plenty of errors but the story pulls you in so much that you won’t care about them. It’s long but you will not care about that either, nor will you skim through ANY part of it because you will NOT be bored at any time. And it will keep you guessing until the end.

It’s probably the most interesting of this genre that I’ve read in a while because of the different setting and fresh approach. HIGHLY recommended.


I Found My Heart In San Francisco: Beginnings by SX Meagher

This is the second part of the on-going tale of Ryan O’Flaherty and Jamie Evans. This story focuses on how each woman deals with the changed status of their relationship. They both have emotional issues that they need to address, while still preparing for finals and the AIDS Ride.

The plot is very good but, as in the first story, sometimes goes on a bit much and I did find myself skimming a bit. The descriptions of the scenery were fantastic but I think many of the conversations the main characters had could have easily been dropped without the reader losing any understanding of the inner workings of the participants.

The AIDS Ride portion of the story was very emotional at times and I admit to crying more than once. It actually made me want to drag my bicycle out of the garage and get back into riding.

There were plenty of mis-used words but the story is good enough to overlook them. I’m going to continue with the series and see where it goes. There was at least one cliff hanger and I’m still interested enough in the characters to keep going.