24 Hours by CanadaBadGirl (Allie)

This CBG story is a fairly short uber where Helen and Nikki met in their late teens working in the fashion industry. Nikki was starting her modeling career and Helen was a make up girl. Their friendship grows until an intimate evening in France results in five years of estrangement. Fate throws them back together at a convention in New York City and Nikki has a plan to finally get Helen out of her system.

While I wasn’t a fan of the backstory, the emotion of the piece itself is great. As with probably all of her work, CBG fills the story with highs and lows and beautifully written intimate scenes.


Make-up By CanadaBadGirl (Allie)

First-off, I have to write this disclaimer: CBG is one of my favourite fan fiction writers, and I have read ALL of her fics many times. That being said, thisis one of my favourite.

This is an Uber Bad Girls, Nikki and Helen story. After coming out of prison, Nikki starts a relationship with Helen, her ex-wing-governor. Both women are deeply in love, but Nikki feels that Helen is always holding back something. Because of her unwillingness to open-up, or plainly see how Nikki’s hurting, Nikki decides to call it quits after two years. Circumstances put them back in each other’s paths, and Nikki is decided to make the the most of the situation.

I have declared CBG the “Queen of angst” and this is a great illustration of why. She’s also one of the best at creating and describing very sensual situations. Another things that I found very innovative about this story is the “letter” written by Helen as an opening to the story, as well descriptions of a session of photography at the beginning of each chapter. Very clever, and VERY well done.

Needless to say, I highly recommend this.


Finding shelter from the storm by Gun Brooke

Laura Carter is a fugitive arriving at the River Meadows motel, recommended by an acquaintance of hers. She has been on the run for years, and there’s no end in sight. The motel’s owner, Sunny Stewart, does not know much about Laura Carter, but understands enough not to ask. The attraction between the two women was something neither planned for. When Laura needs her, Sunny does not hesitate, and insists on helping her out against Laura’s wishes.

Doctor Dawn Morrison and Joan Tremayne are two FBI agents assigned to the same case for years: tracking down a mad scientist. They find out, the hard way, that they’d been manipulated for years.

This is the first story I read by G. Brooke and I really liked it. The plot is very well constructed, the writign itself would have benefitted from a beta reader, but it’s good enough to keep you interested in the goings-on of the story. The characters are well constructed and very likeable, and the different stories and personalities make for a very interesting cast.

Definitely recommend it, but you have to disregard a lot of small errors.


The Journey Home by Tonya Muir

This story starts out a few months after the deaths of Solan and Hope and Xena and Gabrielle are working on healing their friendship. They travel to an old friend of Xena’s who is contending with a growing army outside of the walls of his castle. While helping him with his issues, the women work through theirs.

It’s not an exciting read, by the author’s own admission, but it held my attentions enough to finish it. The ending was definitely left open enough for a sequel. In fact, I thought the other two stories bundled with the file I picked up from pdafiction.com contained a trilogy. Instead, it contains three unrelated stories.

I checked around at a few different sites but couldn’t find a sequel. The author, sadly, passed away in January of 2001 after a battle with cancer.


Alias Smith & Jones by T Novan and Advocate (Blayne Cooper)

If you’re in the mood for a twisted and very funny tale, this is for you. It’s a fairly short Xena Uber that follows Delilah and Dixie, two con-women, on their quest to get rid of their ill-gotten gains.

I’ve read this one a few times and I laugh out loud throughout the thing every time. It’s not a romance, it just a well written, funny romp.

Blayne Cooper and T Novan make a fantastic team and I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read that they’ve collaborated on. I highly recommend this one.


The Last Conqueror by Kamouraskan and Lariel

My favorite Xena fics tend to be Xena the Conqueror stories. Almost all of them have that transformation from Xena, Destroyer of Nations, to Xena, Leader of the People. With the help of Gabrielle, of course. Gabrielle takes on all sorts of different roles in these stories, from freedom fighter to body slave, but the outcome is usually the same. I like the conqueror stories because Xena usually gets to show off her fighting and manipulation skills much more than when she’s Xena, the repentant ex-warlord fighting for the greater good.

This story was good and had a bit of a twist right off the bat. Alti is the Conqueror, having dethroned Xena. With very few exceptions, everyone believes Xena has been killed. The reality is that she is being held in the dungeon. Alti still needs her and her inner power. There is a prophecy waiting to be fulfilled and it involves Alti, Xena, and a third person: Gabrielle, of course.

This piece has plenty of mysticism, intrigue, Amazons, and some angst thrown in for good measure. It wasn’t the best Conqueror story I’ve read, but certainly nowhere near the worst. I enjoyed it the most because it was different. And after you’ve read as many fics as I have, different can be very, very good.