Blind by Jayliwood

This was the first human Twilight fan fic that I read and I have to say it is still one of my favorites. The author, Jayliwood, has won several awards for this fic and others and I really enjoy her story lines and writing. She has the perfect balance of believable sex and romance scenes along with just enough angst to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The premise of the story is that Bella and Edward are both college students in Louisiana but Edward is blind. Bella is the first girl that treats him as a normal person and they soon fall for each other. Bella is roommates with Alice and Edward with Jasper, which is nice way to keep the couples in cannon. Rosalie and Emmett are also a couple and it’s refreshing to have a story where Rosalie isn’t a raging bitch. Renee is a bitch, which is all I can say without giving too much of the storyline away. While I think the author did a great job with Bella’s character she really captured Edward’s character the best. Some fan fics come off with Edward being too whiney. There is a big difference between whiney and angst-filled and some fan fics are way off base with Edwards personality. The sex scenes are amazing and give you flutters without being hardcore porn-like some fan fics I’ve read.

The only downside to the fic, if I had to pick one, would be the grammar. When she has a beta look over her chapters they are fine but when she doesn’t the grammar and spelling is pretty bad. However, aren’t we all like that? I know I am when I write.

Unconquered by Pallas

This Conqueror story begins with Xena surrendering herself to an Amazon outpost. Gabrielle, who by then lives with the Amazons after being forced by Xena to watch her husband and sister burn to death, demands vengence. She travels with Ephiny and a contingent of sisters to bring Xena back from the outpost for her trial. She plans to murder Xena before she reaches the main Amazon camp to be judged.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t finish this one. I got about a third of the way through and just couldn’t go any further. The mechanics of the writing were fine, good even. But I found the story and the execution of the plot just unbelievable. I wanted to feel it but I just couldn’t. Gabrielle, in less than five minutes of actually meeting with Xena, begins to have conflicting feelings toward the Conqueror. Ephiny asks her if she’s in love with her, explaining how close the emotional strength of love and hate is. The supposed connection between Xena and Gabrielle felt very forced to me and, with that and the storyline, I just had to stop.

This is the first fic I’ve tried to read by this author but I did grab another one so I’ll see if I have the same issues with that one or if this was a fluke. And, it may just be me. I found this on someone else’s recommendations page so I know at least one person liked it enough to list.

Wade Out by Pearcey

I stumbled upon Pearcey’s Bad Girls site after I had exhausted all the more well known avenues for BG fics. I copied and pasted every finished Bad Girls story on the site and enjoyed most of them. The ones not by Pearcey were not as enjoyable, in my opinion, but when you’re desperate for your fix, well, you know…

“Wade Out” is my favorite by this author. The story begins at the 10 year anniversary of Nikki being released from Larkhall. She’s single and miserable and she’s never gotten over Helen. The story seems to follow canon through the end of series one and has Helen leaving Larkhall after the tabloids get ahold of a story linking her romantically to an inmate. They don’t see each other after that. Until fate steps in, that is.

Helen still works for the Home Office and Nikki owns a successful garden center. Many of our favs from the show are there along with some new, original characters. My favorite of these is Del Sheddy, Helen’s cousin and Nikki’s former cellmate. Del is introduced with more depth in Pearcey’s story “Helen’s Return” although these two stories are not related.

All in all, I love this story. It has a “feel good” plot and plenty of humor, which is just as important to me as angst. Not necessarily in the same story, though.

Nice Girls Don’t by Telanu (aka Somniesperus)

This reviewer is just as clueless in questions of fashion as Andrea Sachs. And still… this story makes me want to learn all about it.

Or, let’s put it this way – Somniesperus is the reason the movie The Devil Wears Prada is worth seeing (well, her and Meryl Streep, of course). Telanu aka Somniesperus has written many more stories in this universe but if you haven’t checked the fandom yet, this story would be a perfect way in.

The general premise, in short: Miranda Priestly is all powerful dictator/editor of the fashion magazine Runway. Andrea Sachs is her newly hired, fashion-wise clueless assistant.

The Nice Girls Don’t is an AU in the usual sense that the storyline departs from the movie to make the subtext the main-text. It’s a Miranda/Andy love story, of course. It’s also a poignant study of human character. It’s mature writing at its finest (and no, I do not mean it like that!): the characters are wonderfully flawed. They are weak, and they are strong; they are mean, and they are nice; they are hopeless, they are powerful, they are cruel, and in the end, so very engaging. The writing is seamless, perfectly executed. Never pathetic, never over the top. Somniesperus does not take the easy way out, her stories are about facing the fears and the consequences. No formulas here, no worn out phrases or used up metaphors.

Not to get too metaphysical about it – the story is, of course, hot as hell.

Is it our love for power games and strong women (and a distinct lack of those in hit movies)? Is it the archetypal teacher fantasy? In any case, Miranda Priestly in hands of this writer seems far more dangerous than Xena the Conqueror. And twice as hot 🙂

For one, she doesn’t even raise her voice and all her minions tremble in their fancy Manolo Blahniks…

24 Hours by CanadaBadGirl (Allie)

This CBG story is a fairly short uber where Helen and Nikki met in their late teens working in the fashion industry. Nikki was starting her modeling career and Helen was a make up girl. Their friendship grows until an intimate evening in France results in five years of estrangement. Fate throws them back together at a convention in New York City and Nikki has a plan to finally get Helen out of her system.

While I wasn’t a fan of the backstory, the emotion of the piece itself is great. As with probably all of her work, CBG fills the story with highs and lows and beautifully written intimate scenes.

Make-up By CanadaBadGirl (Allie)

First-off, I have to write this disclaimer: CBG is one of my favourite fan fiction writers, and I have read ALL of her fics many times. That being said, thisis one of my favourite.

This is an Uber Bad Girls, Nikki and Helen story. After coming out of prison, Nikki starts a relationship with Helen, her ex-wing-governor. Both women are deeply in love, but Nikki feels that Helen is always holding back something. Because of her unwillingness to open-up, or plainly see how Nikki’s hurting, Nikki decides to call it quits after two years. Circumstances put them back in each other’s paths, and Nikki is decided to make the the most of the situation.

I have declared CBG the “Queen of angst” and this is a great illustration of why. She’s also one of the best at creating and describing very sensual situations. Another things that I found very innovative about this story is the “letter” written by Helen as an opening to the story, as well descriptions of a session of photography at the beginning of each chapter. Very clever, and VERY well done.

Needless to say, I highly recommend this.