Graceful Waters by B. L. Miller & Verda Foster

I think that this is the best written of the three B. L. Miller works I’ve read. I believe there’s another one on her website that I will probably compile today. The premise of the story seemed much more believable to me than the other two. Don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoyed all three. This one just touched me more and I could relate to the characters on different levels.

Graceful Waters, aka Grace, is a tough 17 year old whose life is about to change. She’s ordered by the court to spend the 6 months until her 18th birthday at Sapling Hill. It’s a girl’s boot camp-type facility. There she meets Joanna Carey, the 29 year old head instructor and the woman who takes on the responsibility of being Grace’s mentor.
Being prior military, so much of the story took me back to my own boot camp days. Also being a survivor of sexual child abuse, I was able to connect with much of what young Grace was going through. But beyond that, the story was well put together and well written. Miller and Foster are a great team and I hope they continue to work together.

This story is also available in a published book which I’m going to pick up once it’s available in ebook. There were parts of Graceful Waters that I think could have been expanded upon and a bit that could have been trimmed down. I’m curious to see what the final version turned out to be.

Crystal’s Heart by BL Miller and Verda Foster

Crystal and Laura are the ultimate odd couple. Crystal is a heterosexual stripper with drug and alcohol problems who seems to thrive on clutter and disorder. Laura is an uptight lesbian author who cleans obsessively and has to have everything in its proper place. The way they are brought together is completely unbelievable but is quickly dropped and despite it’s rough beginning, this was a great story.

The initial premise may make this seem like a romantic comedy but it’s not. These women are dealing with some very serious issues and loads of baggage. I was moved to tears several times. Crystal’s Heart deals with some very serious topics and this isn’t always an easy read, emotionally. I highly recommend it.

This is also available in a published version.