A Place To Dance by Ali Vali

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same. For Jolly such was the case with Mimi and if you are at all inclined to look into the life of a woman who needs a bit of time to discover that the love of her life is sitting right in front of her – and has been for a while – well, then look in on Jolly.

As you probably know, there are many ways to express your love, even the love that you don’t know that you harbour deep in your heart. Jolly expresses her love by the craft of her hands and makes beautiful wooden furniture for Mimi.

Besides turning out furniture for Mimi, Jolly spends her time as an architect and master house builder. At this time in her life, she is getting a kick out of building just the right house, in the perfect spot, for Christina, a local gallery owner. And what’s more natural than to go from building a house for a good looking lady to dating her? In a romance, that’s just a matter of a couple of pages on your screen.

OK that’s got to be enough to get you interested and I don’t want give you the whole story in just a few lines. If you are keen on romances of the alternative nature then go look it up. I promise it’s not a waste of time. “A Place To Dance” is a quality read based on a well developed storyline with a good mix of likable characters and good editing.

Enjoy your story time.


Memories of the Heart by Ali Vali

Briar Kilston is a rich, powerful woman who seems to have it all: good looks, a gorgeous woman, millions of dollars, and her health. But all is not what it seems to be and after suffering a massive heart attack and miraculous transplant, she finds herself mysteriously led to New Orleans.

Megan Beniot is a thirty-something kindergarten teacher who has been in love with Vivian since she was 14 years old. She loves Viv but feels that something is missing from their relationship – passion.

As with most Ali Vali’s unpublished fan fiction, it is riddled with grammatical errors and misused words but the story makes it worth the mental corrections. Vali can write some romance. Unlike most of her work, this one has no sex so if that’s a requirement for you, you’ll be disappointed. If you want a sweet story of love, loss, and family, you’ll enjoy this one.