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Tailor-MadeTailor-Made by Yolanda Wallace

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Every few months, I check to see what digital titles are available through the public library. More often than not, nothing catches my eye. But on my last perusal, seeing an African American woman on the cover of a f/f romance novel stopped me in my tracks. I’m so, SO tired of books in the f/f world having covers depicting thin, young, white women that I tend to keep on rolling whenever I see one. Not that I spend most of my reading time on romance anymore but still…

I’ve seen Yolanda Wallace’s name for years but never felt a strong urge to pick up any of her books, except for Rum Spring which looked really interesting. I’m so glad my library had Tailor-Made because it easily nabs a spot on my favorites list and my even more exclusive “Funk Reading List.” Hell, I want to reread it again right now. As I watched the percentage done ramp up, I wished there was much more to the book. But, honestly, I would have been happy if it would have ended before the epilogue. I loved how the final chapter wrapped up. It was just damn perfect for me.

If you’ve been waiting for a reason to give this author a shot, grab Tailor-Made and settle in for a fantastic romance.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I found just the right amount of angst and great chemistry between Grace and Dakota. And I loved the names of all the women in Grace’s family. Oh – and Lillie! So much good stuff in this book.

Ok, I’m done. I’ve returned the library’s copy and am off to buy my own.

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