Cheri Reviews Bodies of Water by T. Greenwood

I don’t often take recommendations from people when it comes to reading material. There are, however, a small group of friends who know what I like well enough to make me take notice when they offer up a title. I just finished up one such recommendation a few minutes ago. For the life of me, I cannot remember who it was who told me to put it on my list. If I could recall who it was, I’d thank them for telling me to give it a shot. So if you’re reading this and recommended T. Greenwood’s Bodies of Water to me, thanks!

Bodies of Water shuttles the reader between the very early 1960s and the current time. Our narrator is Billie Valentine, housewife and mother who falls for another woman. This isn’t one of those tawdry lesbian romance novels about afternoon trysts between bored housewives. This is, instead, the somewhat tragic story of love found and lost and going on with life, even when it’s painful and seems impossible.

I was fully engaged in the story – both time periods of Billie’s life – and I genuinely cared about the characters. Well, most of them. The women were a bit more fleshed out than some of the male characters, one of whom did feel like a caricature of an abusive husband. It certainly made it easier to hate him but I would have liked a bit more about why he was such a controlling, violent dickhead.

I’d recommend this one to anyone, lesbian, bisexual, or straight, who isn’t bothered by bouncing back and forth between time periods. There are sex scenes but they’re not overly graphic and feel appropriate for the story being told. There’s a bit of a mystery or twist or something that’s supposed to sort of shock us at the end but I found it very easy to figure out. I was disappointed with just how easy it was to see what was coming but the rest of the story was still good enough for me to come away with a good feeling about the book.

I can also recommend the Audible version. The narrator does a fantastic job.

This book, and the Audible companion, are available through the Kindle Unlimited program. You can also purchase, download a sample of the ebook, or listen to a few minutes of the audio book by clicking here.

Thanks, again, to whomever told me to read Bodies of Water. I appreciate the recommendation!


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