Corey Reviews Grace Falls by H. P. Munro

In the grand tradition of Cicely, Stars Hollow, Jericho, and White Oak Lake, H.P. Munro’s novel Grace Falls is centered in a small town (this time in Alabama) that should post a “Warning: Quirky People Ahead” declaration right below the population sign. Dr. Maddie Marinelli’s classic car blows a gasket on her way from a failed 12-year relationship to San Francisco for a new ER position. The good citizens of Grace Falls, in need of a town doctor, then conspire to keep her around for a few weeks. Soon Maddie mistakes her temporary neighbor Alex Milne for a serial killer…

Okay, I’m going to stop right here and urge you to not read the prologue. Don’t even read the first 13 pages of this book. If you are using an e-reader, search for “Longest pee in history” and start there. And then enjoy one of the funniest lesfic novels available.

I finished Grace Falls a week ago and then re-read it last night just for an injection of happy after a hard day. Yet I almost missed out on this gem of a book. Unfortunately, the author’s sentences run-on a little bit and some words are dropped. Combine that with a depressing-as-heck set-up and I almost bailed. Then I made it into Grace Falls on a tow-truck and all wonderfulness broke out.

Alex, her daughter, her baby daddy (in a good way), and the rest of her friends and neighbors are a hoot and a half. While I had to suspend a ton of disbelief at Maddie setting up a medical practice on the fly, I finally shrugged and allowed myself to be delighted.

Maddie and Alex are sweet together, yet wary. The townfolk’s shenanigans come back to bite the relationship in the behind. Conflct, drama, drunken tree-climbing…no worries, you’ll love the ending and both epilogues. Seriously.

Manholes, giant bunnies, tippy coffee cups, vajadar, full-naming someone, post relationship stress disorder, freaking evil geniuses, and other wonders await you in Grace Falls. Take the detour, it’s worth it.

You can download a sample or purchase Grace Falls by clicking here.

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