Ice by Lyn Gardner

Detective Inspectors Margaret “Maggie” Campbell and Alexandra “Alex” Blake are both rising stars at the Met. They are at the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to their personalities and how they go about doing their jobs.

Maggie is by the book and diplomatic. Alex is passionate and all about bending the rules. They meet, and they clash, and go their separate ways. The story starts 3 years later when they are assigned on the same case, and circumstances force them to face their real feeling for each other.

Let me start by saying that this is an enjoyable and light read and one goes through it really fast. I liked the fast pace (although Cheri would have called multiple bullshit factors 🙂 ).

On the other hand, the dialogue could have been better. The characters are slightly flat, and there are some “filler” scenes and characters which are not needed nor do they add value to the story. The story also felt hurried in some places and too prolonged in others.

It’s a decent debut novel and good for a quickie.

Ice is available on Smashwords

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