L World by Taryn Rose

I want to give a warm welcome to our newest reviewer, Sera Warren. We hope to see much more from her. Here’s her first review!

I’ve never read anything by Taryn Rose, so this was a new proposition for me. I was able to go into the book with literally no expectations as to the author’s style or history. This is kind of a rarity for me and a much appreciated gift.

L-World begins with attorney Blake Sanders learning that her divorce is final. In an effort to make a change for herself and usher in her new life without a husband, Blake has made an appointment with a hairstylist to update her look. At the appointment, she is surprised by her attraction to the stylist, Janie Buckley.

As a novel, the plot was engaging and interesting. The characters, especially the secondary characters, were well fleshed out (I really liked Blake’s son, Wes, and Dom). Even the side story was interesting – and it didn’t overwhelm the main plot. While the story as a whole felt artificially long and the beginning was a bit draggy from over exposition, I really enjoyed it while I read it. However, the story wasn’t particularly memorable afterwards.

My main issue with this story is the extreme number of euphemisms. While the author states on her Goodreads page that she loves them, I quickly became distracted by the euphemisms for female body parts and things sexual. It’s a personal preference, perhaps, but I don’t particularly like to see “sweet goo,” “lady parts,” “dripping sweet box,” or “engorged love sack” in what I read. Such euphemisms read more as bad straight porn masquerading as erotica, and this story was strong enough to not need them.

L-World is, as far as my research could determine, Rose’s second published work and her first with Ravenous Romance. While it’s not quite at the level I’m used to for purchasing, at only $4.99, it’s a deal for a full length novel. And it’s definitely better than much of what can be found on Amazon for more.

Despite the title, this is not a bad book by any means and it’s a pretty quick read. I hope Rose continues publishing as I’d like to see what else she can come up with and how her writing progresses.

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