Infinite Loop by Meghan O’Brien

From the blurb: “
Together they embark upon a physical and emotional journey where they discover that breaking free of old habits may be the only way to change your life.”

I fully recognize the fact that “tall, dark, and attractive lady killer” meeting and falling for a shy, socially awkward girl has been beaten nearly to death in lesfic. And that is precisely why I waited so long to read this book. It kept sneaking up on me as “recommended for you” while online book shopping and the blurb just didn’t grab me so I kept almost buying it. I am so very glad that I eventually did, as this has become one of my favorite “give me good feelings about life” books.

The plot centers around Regan, a shy computer geek/gamer that meets Mel Raines in a straight bar at the opening of the book. Neither of them wants to be there, and no one is surprised more than Regan when the gorgeous queen of one-night stands hits on her. They spend the night flirting and almost end up going to bed.

What you would expect to happen happens. Mel gets freaked out because she actually likes Regan and almost takes too long to call her back. When Mel’s partner gets shot in front of her, she turns to her new friend, who welcomes her with open arms and suggests an old fashioned American road trip to help Mel sort out what she wants out of life.

Doesn’t that sound like a horrible idea? These two are barely dating and decide to take off together on a very long road trip while dealing with some rather impressive insecurities and baggage. It really should be a bad idea. And it should really bother me that they get together so quickly, as that usually drives me batty in other books. Somehow, the relationship in this book comes across as sweet instead of clingy, and O’Brien does such a good job of letting us in, that you really do want this couple to work.

Yes they both have insecurities and there are some pretty monumental daddy issues to overcome. What I love about this book most is how they work through their problems together. What a concept! At one point in the story, Regan even brings up the fact that too many times in movies and books, emotional roadblocks are thrown into relationships, causing everyone to run away in angst-ridden clouds of discontent. Even a self-proclaimed lover of angst such as myself can’t begrudge their adorable happiness.

They both have baggage and idiosyncrasies, but it’s complementary baggage. And throughout the book, you really do believe they’re going to make it and that they have both made each other better people by accepting each other exactly how they are. And isn’t that what everyone is really looking for?

Infinite Loop by Meghan O’Brien

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