Out of Context by Coolbyrne

I was hesitant to read this one because, at the time, I really wasn’t very familiar with the characters of Law & Order: SVU. And I hadn’t read any crossover fic. And I wasn’t familiar with this author. There was a lot stacked it and just imagine my surprise when I found this to be a very good story. I’ve read it twice.

The basic plot is that Olivia ends up in Larkhall on some undercover duty. There’s a drug ring using children to transport their merchandise from England to the US. Through the joint operation between nations, Olivia ends up spending time with our girls Nikki and Helen.

The story is well written and the characters ring true to their television counterparts. I absolutely recommend it.



  1. Talk about late to the party, I know!! But I did want to thank you for your kind words and recommendations. After all this time, it’s still very fulfilling to discover others have found my stories. Again, thanks!

    • Thank you! I read it again not that long ago. I’ve read several of your stories and enjoyed them all. It’s been awhile since I checked your site. You were working on some stories with letters, weren’t you?

      And did I see that you’re posting on Bad Girls Riot?

      You can probably tell from the number of BG fics listed here, I’ve got a soft spot for H & N!

      • I haven’t written BG fic in ages. 🙁 Yeah, I did an alphabet challenge where the originator gave a word prompt for every letter of the alphabet. Some challenging yet fun stuff there. 🙂

        If the US remake really does get off the ground this time, maybe I’ll get back into the fandom and start writing again.

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