Tropical Storm by Melissa Good

I read the online version of Tropical Storm a few years ago and always wanted to buy the published edition at some point to see what changes were made, if any. After buying the 2010 Author Edition, I’ve come away with mixed feelings.

Tropical Storm is about the changing relationship between Dar Roberts, cut-throat corporate raider and all around hard ass, and Kerry Stuart, techy person and all around sweetheart. Dar comes in after her company buys Kerry’s company with the intent to can all the employees and absorb their customers. Kerry cusses her out, eventually, and they try to come up with a plan to save some jobs. During that exercise, Dar comes to admire Kerry a bit and sees loads of potential in the smart, earnest woman. If you haven’t read the book or the online version, I don’t want to spoil anything for you so will leave it at that. Suffice it to say that there are plenty of adventures, engaging characters, and good humor. And several sequels, if you want to continue the ride.

It felt good to re-read this story. I tend to overlook those classic Xena ubers when looking for something to read and that’s too bad. There are lots of great, old stories out there. Hell, these are the stories that started the Xenaverse and launched the careers of many of my favorite lesbian fiction authors. The thing that didn’t feel good was having my hopes dashed that the character names that changed partway through the book and some of the other typos and missed words hadn’t been cleaned up. I know that some of the writing was tightened up because I compared the opening scene of the book to the online version that I downloaded from and it was a bit different.

Bottom line, I truly enjoy Tropical Storm in both of its incarnations. These aren’t average women, they’re women of much greater means than anyone I’ve met, but Melissa Good does a fantastic job of having these extraordinary women deal with ordinary emotions. That’s where the draw is for me. Yes, some of the action is pretty cool but, when it comes down to it, I’m in it for the emotions and Ms. Good certainly delivers.

Tropical Storm: The 2010 Author Edition (The Dar & Kerry Series)

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