Darkness Surrounds by Poppie-Pie

I know I’ve never read a Bad Girls Nikki and Helen story that involved vampires and a werewolf, and I didn’t know if there were actually any out there. But I know of one now.

This had me intrigued from the start, when it becomes clear that Nikki is the vampire. Unusual and interesting premise I thought, plus, Nikki Wade, tall, dark and gorgeous with a set of fangs was always going to grab my attention.

Poppie-Pie sets up the story with some nice intrigue to being with. Nikki “rescues” Helen from a potential mugging, chasing after her attacker. When she returns to the scene, Helen has been whisked away to the hospital, and Nikki feels drawn to check up on the woman, and return her belongings that she had reclaimed from the would be thief.

At the hospital, the attraction for Nikki is inexplicable and as she leaves, she misses a semi-conscious Helen mumbling her name. For all we know at this point, the two have certainly never met. And when Helen awakes and discovers her bag returned to her, she is relived when she discovers certain items she had in it are still there. Reminders of someone once cherished.

So, these two must know each other somehow, right? Maybe Helen’s a latent vampire, not out of the coffin yet?

But this is where the real kicker of the story comes in. The timeline. Because suddenly, we are thrust back eight years to a certain club, with a celebration of a certain con’s release from prison. Yep, you heard me right – Poppie Pie takes us back to the end of season three!

And I happen to think that of all the paths a possible Nikki and Helen vampire story could have taken, Poppie-Pie chose a very brave and original one. And as incredible as that sounds, it turns into a great little story.

This one has it all: romance, mystery, intrigue, horror, suspense, a master villain, sci-fi, a final showdown and, of course, a love story that conquers evil.

This is one of Poppie-Pie’s first forays into fan fic writing and I have to say, it’s a very promising start. A recommended read for a great fantasy escape!


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  1. Thank-you, I was so shocked when I saw this review…I didn't even know that these reviews were out here! I am such a fanfic virgin : )

    I am pretty speechless right now…which is very unusual.


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